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FPM, Inc. is the world leader in large and small item shrinkfilm packaging. FPM revolutionized the packaging industry with boat shrinkwrapping in the 1970s, helicopter/fixed-wing aircraft and industrial shrinkwrapping in the 1980s, and custom pre-formed shrink wrap kits in the 1990s.

Now in the new millennium, FPM initiates another revolution - Intercept Shrinkfilm™ Anti-Rust, Anti-Corrosion, Anti-Mold/Mildew with Permanent ESD protection for (15+years) inside storage and (4+years) outside storage able to withstand nearly any outdoor environment. Intercept Shrinkfilm will protect against rust & corrosion in all climates and temperature ranges including hot, cold, wet or dry climates.

Intercept Shrinkfilm™ is the world's first shrinkfilm that utilizes a non-chemical-emitting, Anti-Corrosive, Anti-Rust, Anti-Mold/Mildew permanent ESD protected resin.

Developed by Lucent Technologies Bell Labs. Intercept™ is designed to protect industrial equipment, aircraft, electronics, and most anything you want to protect from rust & corrosion during storage and shipments.

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